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Anna Norris

Painting the moment


I say I paint the moment. What shape that takes is  based on what I want to do with it and I like that power. I’m not a portrait painter, I don’t like static scenes. I like light bouncing around a moment. Texture, color, balance take second place. If I’m successful I take the viewer along with me.

I like intense colors. Layers of color in shadows, water that moves, the play of light on surfaces. I know a piece is right when I disappear into in and lose myself. I like to push myself to try new ways to show the relationship of light and dark that will make you feel something. I find that my journey is pushing me towards devolving my paintings. Breaking up the strokes. Finding the point that is enough, but not too much.

I think painting is like a big wave. You can fight the wave but you’ll never make it out. You need to go with the wave, learn from it and let it release you.

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