Hawaii, to Las Vegas to the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Kiln Load - Pre-Camas Days 2017

Downtown Camas - Liberty Theater

Another successful Camas Days event

On-site painting is the best!

This easel has been everywhere

Boise River Bridge Fun

Wheel demo at The Attic Gallery

Doing yet another Pink Camas Bike

Java coffee house - Boise Idaho

Talking up art with the kids

Take a Right on Dallas

Yet another kiln load...

Camas Hotel Corner


Ted and I have been lucky enough to live in beautiful places that constantly push us in new directions artistically. From the beach vibe of the islands, through the desert and ending up in the northwest. 

While our mediums are vastly different we both believe that environment plays a huge roll in how and what direction our art goes in.

Thanks for visiting our page. We hope it inspires you to get out and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings where ever they might be.

You can find us at 

Camas First Fridays

I'm usually painting in front of Nico Bella Salon or the Attic Gallery

https://downtowncamas.com › Events in Historic Downtown Camas

Camas Days

Look for the Norris Arts booth


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